Lil’ Champs

The Little Champs class focuses on building basic athletic skills like strength, flexibility, and coordination. We prefer educating our little champs in a fun and recreational environment. Our goal here at BTT-JSD is to build positive attributes needed for productive living, such as physical confidence, courtesy, and most importantly, discipline. We use a time tested curriculum based on games that build life-long skills. While other martial arts concentrate heavily on punching and kicking, this form of self-defense is not taught to this age group. We prefer nonviolent techniques that build physical confidence, and verbal assertiveness to responsibly handle a confrontation. These techniques utilize principles of leverage that teach children to control a situation. Even more importantly, we work with parents to promote development of positive characteristics including a in a fun and noncompetitive setting.  The physical program is interwoven with a character development program that families love. It assists parents in teaching responsibility, a healthy lifestyle, respect, manners, and caring. 

Our instructors are trained to always treat children in a positive manner, looking to constantly raise their self-confidence. We’re confident that the curriculum, the camaraderie, and quality of the instruction will exceed all your expectations.