BTT-JSD 2022 Belt Promotion Ceremony

At BTT-Jupiter Self Defense the goal is to raise the physical confidence and overall wellness of our students, no matter the age, by teaching a complete and efficient lifelong skill set within a safe, clean, positive, and respectful environment. This comprehensive system of self-defense uses leverage to overcome strength, and knowledge to exploit the vital areas of the human body. At Jupiter Self Defense we place an emphasis on the understanding of the techniques in relation to human anatomy and physiology, which leads to a more rapid mastery of the system. 

The type of martial arts taught at Jupiter Self Defense is all-encompassing, composing of 5 key elements: striking, defense against surprise attacks, throwing techniques, fighting on the ground, and philosophy. These 5 elements merge seamlessly with each other to form the basis of a self-defense system that allows for the most effective method of escape from an attacker, and in some cases even the defeat of one. 

1: Striking is similar to the Olympic sport of boxing and can be used as a very effective aspect of self-defense. These strikes, or “atemi waza,” are not just punches and kicks. They are targeted strikes to a vital area. For example, the eardrum in a slap attack, or the carotid artery in a strike to the neck.

2: The defense against surprise attacks aspect explains ways to protect against any unexpected attacks that may arise from just taking out the trash or walking down the street. There is an effective defense for any surprise attack, and these defenses allow for a fast and safe escape. Escapes, joint locks and even atemi (striking) are part of this element. 

3: Throwing techniques are used to get the opponent on the ground. There are many different types of throws, but anyone can do them effectively. No matter the age or size, a throwing technique will get the opponent on the ground.

4: Fighting on the ground is another important element, though the least desirable in a confrontation. When escape is not an option, learning to use defensive and even offensive techniques on the ground will enable you to gain the upper hand. Ground fighting also takes away any height advantage an attacker may have over you. Leverage allows people of all ages and sizes to be equally as effective against any opponent on the ground.

5: Our system teaches powerful counterattacks that employ leverage. The philosophy of jiu jitsu is critical to its implementation. It is the most important of the 5 elements. Techniques taught without the underlying Philosophy can be dangerous, as they may be applied outside their intentions. Jiu jitsu is truly a way of life. Behaviors, attitude, and our lifestyle all can contribute in a positive or negative way on the quality of our life. The intention of jiu jitsu is protection against any malice toward a healthy lifestyle. We educate students on the importance of regular exercise, rational nutrition, good hygiene, adequate rest, and most importantly, a positive attitude, which all have been shown in medical studies to enhance and prolong life. Brazilian Top Team-Jupiter Self Defense, we also teach a philosophy that dates back to the days of feudal Japan. 7 Virtues, or characteristics, are emphasized. These are Rectitude, Courage, Benevolence, Respect, Honesty, Honor, and Loyalty.